When Nothing But The Best Will Do.

A favorite of DJ companies, this is the authentic equipment to make your event a success. Everyone will feel the low end impact and crystal clear sound of a club system. You'll be amazed at the full sound reproduced for up to 1000 people.

Comes with everything you need:

- (1) 15" subwoofer
- (2) 2x10" speakers
- (2) Speaker stands
- (1) wired microphone
- (1) Microphone stand
- (1) Mixer
- (1) Auxiliary cable to connect and play music through iPhone, android or laptop

*additional wired microphones complete with stand: $20 each
$199 Per Day

*each additional day at 50% OFF

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The flagship system at Live Sound Audio featuring the B-52 Matrix 1000V2. A 700-watt Active Speaker System - 15" Subwoofer and 2x10" Satellites.

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